Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tuesday’s lesson required the use of many skills. Three skills that I put into practice were teamwork, communication and, to some extent, multi-tasking skills.


My teamwork skills were shown when I got paired with a fellow student. We worked together to produce good work in the lesson and if we didn’t work well enough then obviously the work would not have been good enough.


What about communication skills, how did I use them? Well, good teamwork normally requires good communication. Something that I sometimes struggle with is that I speak too quickly and quietly. In this lesson though, it was not a problem as I spoke at a good speed with a good tone making it easier to understand. Communication is not just about speaking though, it is about listening too, I listened carefully to make sure that I also understood what was being said.


Lastly, I felt that I showed multi-tasking skills as, without stopping or slowing down, I was able to complete my work as well as help others who were unsure of what to do. Usually, I would struggle with this but like with communication, I surprised myself as I felt confident with this skill.